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Background & History

I've been heavily involved in music since I was 14, beginning with a radio internship in high school and majoring in broadcasting at UNO. I have over 15 years experience recording music and I've always been excited by new music and the creativity and inspiration that is behind so much of it. This creativity was a big inspiration behind the radio and TV shows covering the indie and alternative music scenes I produced for over 10 years. As Producer of Trout Tunes, I was blessed with the good fortune and honored to have worked with such diverse acts as The Urge, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Ian Moore, The Violent Femmes, Matthew Sweet, 311, Conor Oberst, Blues Traveler, The Beat Farmers, Dishwalla, Slowdown Virginia, the Smithereens and hundreds of local and regional bands.

Looking to find a new outlet for my musical interests after the series ended it's run, I continued developing my audio recording skills. Established in 2006, the Moose Lodge was born out of this interest and my desire to continue participating in the local music scene. I wanted to offer a high quality, affordable and musician friendly recording environment and to that end, the Moose Lodge features a 400 square foot live room, a Mackie 32 8 bus mixing console in the control room, legendary UREI 813c's as part of a dedicated mixing station with unlimited track count, ProTools, Tracktion, Cubase and a variety of other recording software. Whether you're working on a full length CD or just want to capture some basic song ideas, I hope you'll find the Moose Lodge lives up to that goal.

-Kronch - Owner/Producer/Engineer - The Moose Lodge Recording Studio

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