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Studio Facilities

The Moose Lodge features two workstations, one dedicated for mixing (unlimited track count), the other for tracking (up to 16 channels simultaneously) in our 400 square foot live room. Both workstations are equipped with ProTools and Tracktion. Our goal is not just to help you record something that sounds good, but to capture the song and produce it the way you envision it and the whole facility is designed to be a very musician friendly environment.

On Location Facilities

For mobile recording sessions, The Moose Lodge has a multi-channel rig capable of tracking up to 16 channels simultaneously. This rig is equipped with Pro Tools and Tracktion.

Gear & Equipment


Alesis Monitor I Mk2 (2 sets, one pair at each work station)
Kenwood LS404B
Harman/Kardon REV A00


Yamaha Natural Sound Model P-2200 (2)
Hafler TA1100
Kenwood KA-9100
Marantz Model 2215B
Rolls RA62 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier
Pyle PHA40 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier


Sony MDR-V600
Sony MDR-V150 (3 Pair)
Sony MDR-XD100 (2 Pair)
Sennheiser HD 201S
AKG K141


Groove Tubes GT55 Large Condenser mic
MXL 63 Large Condenser mic
Sennheiser MD421 II
Sennheiser e609 Silver dynamic mic (2)
Audio-Technica PRO 25ax Kick/Tom Drum mic
Apex125 Bass Drum mic
Apex126 Snare/Tom mic (3)
Apex 185 Matched Stereo Pair Pencil Mic set
Shure SM57 (2)
Shure SM58 (2)
Stereo Lapel mic
Samson CO1 Large Condenser mic
V-Tech VTND3 Condenser mic
Shure Prologue 10L Dynamic mic
Akai DM13 Dynamic mic
Apex 180 Matched Stereo Pair Pencil Mic set

Recording Software & Plug Ins

ProTools 9.0.2
ProTools LE 6.4
Tracktion 3.0
Studio One
Sony CD Architect 5.2
Antares Auto-Tune
The T-Pain Effect
Bomb Factory
Sound Toys Little MicroShift
Camel Studio Camel Crusher

Digital Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Saffire PRO 40
Focusrite Saffire PRO 14
Mbox 2 Mini
Tascam FW-1804
SM Pro Audio PR-8 Mark 2
Soundblaster Live!


Mackie 32 8 bus
ElectroVoice BK-11232

Rack Gear

Golden Age Pre-73 MkII Mic Pre
FMR Audio RNP8380 "Really Nice Pre" Mic Pre
dbx 166 "Over Easy" Stereo Compressor with Gate and Peak Stop (3)
Behringer Autocom Pro-XL Stereo Compressor/Signal Processor
Behringer Autocom Pro Stereo Comperessor/Signal Processor
dbx 215 Graphic Equalizer
Scholz Research & Development Rockman Sustainor
Scholz Research & Development Rockman Instrument Equalizer
Behringer MiniMON800 Monitor Matrix Mixer (2)

Instruments,Toys & Assorted Noisemakers

Martin DM Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha FG-402 Acoustic Guitar
Danelectro U2 Electrc Guitar
Danelectro Hoedad Electric Guitar
Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar
Bluesboy JAG Elvis Presley Lunch Box Ukelele
Hammond M3 Spinnet Organ
Alesis QS 6.2 Synthesizer
Yamaha PSR-195 Keyboard
Casio LD80 Electronic Drum Kit
Dunlop Crybaby
Heil Talk Box
Danelectro Fabtone Distortion Pedal
Boss DD-5 Digital Delay Pedal
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
Korg KVP001 2 Channel Volume Pedal
Ampeg Reverberocket Tube Head & Half Stack Guitar Amplifier
Squier 15 Guitar Amp
Bluesboy JAG Partagas Cigar Box Amp
Tamla Rhythm Watch RW100 Metronome
Latin Percussion Aspire Wooden Bongos
Egg Shakers (3+)
Ripple Fish
Skin Drum
Wood Castanets
Can O' Rocks
Rain Stick

Got a question? Want to provide some feedback (no guitar jokes, please!)? Contact Us, we'd love to hear from you!

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