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Guests & Their Works

Musical Guests

We've had a fair amount of talent pass through our doors since opening in 2006; here's a list of just some of the folks who've made use of our facilities (indoor plumbing, of course!). We hope you'll want to join them as one of our satisfied guests of the Moose Lodge!

Mark Johnson "shanahs"

Two Shakes "Out of Line"

The Ronny's "What Would You Say"

Drew Jude and the Cool Tones "Goin' Down/Mojo Hand"

Kent Thompson "What I Want You To Be"

Lesbian Bus Crash "Wax"

Southpaw Bluegrass Band "Katie Mae"

Wet Radio "Fruit Scoop"

Alive With Love "Trust"

Monona & Cool White "Too Short Long Weekend (Kronch's Lament)"

Millard West Wind Ensemble "Variations On a Korean Folk Song" recorded at the Holland Performing Arts Center

Gravid Thought "The Devil You Know"

Eponymous "Super Hero Rock"

Orion Walsh "Alone On Christmas Day"

Scott Severin

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